Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The sickish situation.

Today at school my teacher-Mrs.Hauss was happy to see me.  I mean who woudn't?
Today I had a person who had to "help" me sort my twenty-five spelling words.   Well he was a big doof.  Anyway,I would like to explain why I haven't written on this awesome blog for a solid week.  First,I had the stomach bug that caused me to puke a few times.  Then I just didn't feel like writing because I fell off my bike and hit my knee on the street.  Luckily,that $1 instant- drying cement was no match for moi. ;0
Well iF YOU look at my blog My Personal Friends List
you'll find nothing.  So,i'll tell you now:there's-Bryson,Isaac,Rachel,Josh,Caleb,Benjamin,Joshua,Diego,Isabella,Desmond
Ashton,Finch,Kyle,Victor,and last but not least...drumroll please Hayden.


  1. Glad you're well enough to write again. We've been missing your awesomeness! I'm so glad vous were able to conquer that concrete!,,

  2. And how come I am not on your personal friends list?

  3. Yeah, Auntie Marilyn was wondering why she's not on your personal friends list. So glad you are feeling better and able to write again. But I'm pretty mad at your whole family for giving your stomach bug to me. Puked all night last night, but I'm finally startng to feel better. Keep the awesomeness coming!!

  4. I think it is AWESOME that someone as awesome as you are feeling better so fast. I am also happy that cement was no match for you - cement can wreak havoc if you aren't careful. So glad you are feeling better and back to writing so everyone can enjoy the awesomeness your family, friends and school mates enjoys every day.

  5. So glad you are better and writing again! Watch out for that can injure a knee in a flash. Big bear hug to my honor-rollin' nephew!