Friday, January 25, 2013

Snowstorms good and/or bad?

Today i got out of school REALLY early.  I usually get out at 2:15 but I got out at  9:45.  The good thing is I have the rest of the wekend to myself in my heated basement.  It sleeted SO hard today and it was just terrible, especially because I fell on the concrete.  I also made my wrist bleed when I fell but I didnt get hurt that much.  The only good thing about today was getting to get real cozy in my pajamas and crawling under my best blanket.  After a while Mom made pancakes and sausage.  And we even saw people SPEEDING out on the street.
After I watched the show that I wanted to watch so bad went off, I saw a severe weather alert on tv and before I knew it it was doing EXACTLY what the severe weather alert said would happen.  I drew a picture of a robot getting struck by lightning, and I asked Mom if she wanted a picture from me and she said yes.
She said she wanted the picture to show the whole king family stuck inside due to a snowstorm, so thats what I drew.  Sooner or later Dad came home wearing "his" sweatshirt.  He had mistakenly worn Moms red sweatshirt to work by accident.  Tee HEE.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sorry i havent blogged in a while Ive just been so caught up in trying to beat this new version of plants vs zombies that my friend Daniel gave me.  Im almost on the last level anyway and ive already unlocked some mini-games,puzzle mode,some plants in the zen garden and even the almanac. Anywho I want to talk about my trip to Marilyns a few months ago.  Firtst of all there were 6 kids total in Marilyns house when I went there.  While they were there Marilyn ordered pizza from Papa johns and then brought up the boys some grape sodas. You may think Marilyn likes boys better than girls or something.  But she just seperated the boys from the girls.  Anyway after the delivery boy dropped off the pizza we ate the pizza.  Then we decided to play games so we went outside and played hide 'n' seek.  Then we noticed a air conditioning thingie.  It was surrounded by straw so we got as much straw as we could and piled t on the air conditioning thingie.  We made a face and a beard.  Then it was getting kind of boring so we dumped all th straw on Claire. Right at that time their moms came  and took them home,all exept for Sawyer.  He was syaying with us for a sleepover.  We were upstairs watching tv but Marilyn came up and told us it was bedtime.  We brushed our teeth and came down to the fort to sleep.  We crawled in and layed down  and Marilyn told us that if she heard any noise she would come downstairs and send the "culprit" upstairs to the guest room all by themself.  I was not the one who ended up being sent to the guest room but I have to say my beauty sleep was just what I needed.  Marilyn was eventually taking a shower and so was Sawyer.  We asked Marilyn if we could go outside and she said we could, so we went outside.   P.S We stole cokes before leaving the door Tee Hee.  Soon Sawyer went home and there was only ONE kid in the household of the Arias family.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

in which my mom doesn't pay attention

I'm very sorry that i have not written on this blog for a LONG while.  I had a fever but I was cured yesterday.  But today I had to go back to school.  I had to stand fore nearly an hour! Here is a story that you might like to here.  Mom was at walmart and she looked down at her phone not knowing what was just about to happen.  Aila was leaning over trying to crawl out of the twin cart.  Before my mom can stop anything, Aila does a total flip around and lands right on her back! She bearley cries and mom keeps asking  her if she is okay.  She says "yeah" each time she asks.She also hasa mark on her forehead when she hit it on the sidewalk. This is the end of todays blog. Try not to cry.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

sTuFf 3

For the past few days i've been looking  for a navy and/or royal blue  sweatshirt.  i also finally found my old webkinz membership.  I have like nine pets or something like that.  I'm RICH on webkinz I have over a million bucks on webkinz.  I have a  HUGE garden and a gameroom with a bowling alley, a pool table, and a air hockey table.  I have a huge mansion .  At school I was good but school is basiclly a nightmare.  Anyway about the sweatshirts, we went to over five stores to find them but guess what I never found?  Sigh I don't know what the heck happened.   Like last week they had a TON of sweatshirts but now they have bubkiss.  I don't get why black Friday deals effect what grocery stores carry.  This evening I found a santa stuffed animal doing a split and mom was grossed out. My uncle gave me a star wars CD and theres one where Yoda is singing and the chorus sounds like  Beer-Bot.  I don't believe he really did say that,but thats what it sounds like.  It starts to get on your nerves after a while but you know what they say  (Enjoy it while it last.)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Stuff 2 the return of""stuff""

Today I was called up to the assitaint princapal's office.  But I wasn't in trouble or nothin but an incident happened on the bus with the bus driver.  Anyway the rest of the day went pretty good.  Mmmmmmmmm my mom is making taco casserole with taco meat- and it smells awesome.  Also today i mean yesterday my auntie gave me 2 things of candy.  But my sister gave me a pack of hers and i ate all of that at one time!  I'm sorry but i don't have much to write about so stuff 2 the return of stuff makes a late comeback!   MORE NEXT TIME.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

the thuder storm and the family gathering

Yesterday we went to Marilyns.  I played with Sawyer for the most part.  And I finally got my shark tooth neckalace back.  We went outside a few times and played soccer.  But eventually we got cold and had to go inside.  Marilyn, Mom, and Amy went to Uncle David's shoe store to get Weston some new shoes.  My orignal pair had broken apart.  So they came back with one pair for me too.  Marilyn is really nice.  She is always taking kids my age and younger to places and inviting them over.  I remember going to her house this past summer.
I remember when we went to the pool over by her apartment.  I remember it like it was just last summer-which it was.  We had just gotten back from wal mart when we noticed the clouds were a blackish color.  The thunder was as loud as a 2 year old screaming in a kareoke machine with the volume up all the way.  I wanted to get in the pool so very much because I was sweating like a plow horse with a heavy cement saddle.  We could'nt go so we just watched Despicable Me until the storm passed.  Julio got home like the second we got out of the pool.   When we got home he was playing dominoes on Surprisingly it wasn't high stakes pool.  That's one of my favorite games on that website.  My #1 favorite game on is word whomp-which is also Marilyns fave.  Well i'll see you tommorrow with my newest blog: Stuff 2 the return of stuff.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The sickish situation.

Today at school my teacher-Mrs.Hauss was happy to see me.  I mean who woudn't?
Today I had a person who had to "help" me sort my twenty-five spelling words.   Well he was a big doof.  Anyway,I would like to explain why I haven't written on this awesome blog for a solid week.  First,I had the stomach bug that caused me to puke a few times.  Then I just didn't feel like writing because I fell off my bike and hit my knee on the street.  Luckily,that $1 instant- drying cement was no match for moi. ;0
Well iF YOU look at my blog My Personal Friends List
you'll find nothing.  So,i'll tell you now:there's-Bryson,Isaac,Rachel,Josh,Caleb,Benjamin,Joshua,Diego,Isabella,Desmond
Ashton,Finch,Kyle,Victor,and last but not least...drumroll please Hayden.