Tuesday, November 27, 2012

sTuFf 3

For the past few days i've been looking  for a navy and/or royal blue  sweatshirt.  i also finally found my old webkinz membership.  I have like nine pets or something like that.  I'm RICH on webkinz I have over a million bucks on webkinz.  I have a  HUGE garden and a gameroom with a bowling alley, a pool table, and a air hockey table.  I have a huge mansion .  At school I was good but school is basiclly a nightmare.  Anyway about the sweatshirts, we went to over five stores to find them but guess what I never found?  Sigh I don't know what the heck happened.   Like last week they had a TON of sweatshirts but now they have bubkiss.  I don't get why black Friday deals effect what grocery stores carry.  This evening I found a santa stuffed animal doing a split and mom was grossed out. My uncle gave me a star wars CD and theres one where Yoda is singing and the chorus sounds like  Beer-Bot.  I don't believe he really did say that,but thats what it sounds like.  It starts to get on your nerves after a while but you know what they say  (Enjoy it while it last.)


  1. I'm sorry you were unable to find a sweatshirt. Are you looking for a plain sweatshirt or one with a logo or picture on it? Hopefully you will find one you like soon. Yoda is one of my favorite Jedis on Star Wars. Just think, you will be having a nice little vacation from school in a few weeks. We can't wait to hear what exciting things you have in mind to do with that time.

  2. Hey buddy. Happy to read your blog again. My goodness, what a bunch of random thoughts you had this time. Well, you told me the other day you finally found your sweatshirts, so glad for that. Why is school such a nightmare? I know you are a good student and behave well (most of the time -- haha). So glad I got to see you Friday and hope to see you again soon. Lovey Lovey.