Friday, January 25, 2013

Snowstorms good and/or bad?

Today i got out of school REALLY early.  I usually get out at 2:15 but I got out at  9:45.  The good thing is I have the rest of the wekend to myself in my heated basement.  It sleeted SO hard today and it was just terrible, especially because I fell on the concrete.  I also made my wrist bleed when I fell but I didnt get hurt that much.  The only good thing about today was getting to get real cozy in my pajamas and crawling under my best blanket.  After a while Mom made pancakes and sausage.  And we even saw people SPEEDING out on the street.
After I watched the show that I wanted to watch so bad went off, I saw a severe weather alert on tv and before I knew it it was doing EXACTLY what the severe weather alert said would happen.  I drew a picture of a robot getting struck by lightning, and I asked Mom if she wanted a picture from me and she said yes.
She said she wanted the picture to show the whole king family stuck inside due to a snowstorm, so thats what I drew.  Sooner or later Dad came home wearing "his" sweatshirt.  He had mistakenly worn Moms red sweatshirt to work by accident.  Tee HEE.


  1. It sounds like a crazy, cozy day at the King house!!! An icy cold day can make wearing pjs, snuggled in a blanket, eating sausage and pancakes and watching a good show seem AWESOME!

  2. Don't you just love lying around in your pj's on a cold snowy icy day. But hey! What about your awesome Snuggie. You didn't even mention it. Perfect day for a Snuggie.


    1. Auntie M, this is Dalton's mommy. I just must interject here that he used the snuggie all day, talked about the snuggie all day, and generally drove us all insane about the snuggie. Brenna and I started saying back and forth to each-other "Did you know Dalton has a snuggie?" "Yeah, and I heard that DALTON also has a snuggie!" Etc... in imitation of him, cuz he wouldn't shut-up about the snuggie! So please never think that he doesn't appreciate it! In fact, our whole family may go crazy if we hear him mention it again! Lol!